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Wonderful experience!
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“If I could give more than five (5) stars, I would! My experience with Signs for San Diego was nothing less than exceptional from start to finish. As a Project Manager for one of Gable’s largest clients, I expect our vendors to deliver high-quality product and/or services.”

Jessica Wurtzer

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Client Review

We couldn’t be happier!
Channel letters Being Built

We got both of our restaurant signs from them, and we couldn’t be happier!  They were affordable, had incredible customer service, and the quality of their product matches their customer service!  They even took care of some of our street light issues at no additional charge since they were already on-site with the lift!

They have a new customer for life!

-Brad S

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What is ACM? What is Dibond?

Dibond is a brand name for ACM. ACM an acronym for  Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) .

Pallet of ACM
Pallet of ACM

It is a “sandwich” of 3 panels. These are 1) a layer of thin Aluminum 2) an extruded thermoplastic high density polyethylene core and 3) another thin sheet of aluminum. This material is so stable and reliable it is used for the skin of high-rise buildings and other architectural wall applications.

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Where did ACM come from?

It was introduced in 1969 in Japan. The idea of getting the best properties from Aluminum and a plastic in one product is appealing.

ADA Signs in Brushed Aluminum ACM
ADA Signs in Brushed Aluminum ACM

ACM is a hybrid, between the two materials and has some of the best properties of both while minimizing some of the problems in each. It was quickly copied and became available in the US and Europe in the 1970s. Its use grew exponentially as architects, and builders found the light weight durable ACM material ideal for the outside of buildings. The functional advantages and the ability to get durable and beautiful factory finishes helped adoption greatly

How is ACM Made

It is a Hybrid material manufactured by bonding thin aluminum skins to a lightweight thermoplastic core. The core is a fire resistant polyethylene. The materials are bonded with heat and have a very strong bond that will not delaminate or bobble even under high temperatures in direct sunlight. ACM comes in a range of thicknesses 3mm, 4mm or 6mm, with 4mm being the most common Standard panel dimensions are 4X8, but 5X10 and 4X10 are sometimes available.

ACM finishes

ACM can be purchased in a number of finished, The most popular are a primer on both sides, A finished ready to use white color coat on both sides and Brushed Aluminum on both sides. The ready to use surfaces have a clear coat to protect and provide a reflectivity. There are also single sided finishes, where the other side in primed, painted or brushed.

ACM Names and Uses

It have a number of names, Max metal, E-panel, Dibond and more. These are all in the ACM family. ACM replaces other materials because is more stable, It cannot rot, it is not attractive to termites, it is flat, it can take a minor impact without showing damage and it will not warp. More specifically aluminum is rolled. This rolling can creates lines or marks. These are no big deal for traffic signs, but if you want a perfectly flat Aluminum base – ACM is better. Also, Aluminum can be brushed for an elegant look, the machine s that brush aluminum are labor intensive. ACM can be purchased in brushed Aluminum ready to go, cheaper, faster and betters.  Wood is great, but over years in rots and termites love wood. ACM is often a substitute. It lasts forever and will not rot. Termites have no interest in ACM

ACM is a “go to” Material

Lightweight, durable, and highly versatile, ACM backed signs by Carlsbad Signs work well with digital prints and cut vinyl. It can be shaped with a CNC router into any shape and can also be formed into letters. We use it in a lot of signs to attract customers and prospects you’re your retail establishment. We can do this more cost effectively with ACM

Carlsbad Signs is Passionate

Carlsbad Signs  is a custom sign shop.  We use a lot of materials to create the perfect sign for your need.  With different needs, in different locations, we also use Acrylic, PVC, HDU, Wood, MDO, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, castings, and more. ACM is just one arrow in our quiver.

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If you’re looking to make use of ACM’s versatility in your business signage system, then feel free to drop by our sign shop or ring us up so that we can schedule a free consultation. Call Carlsbad Signs at 760-730-5118


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