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Wonderful experience!
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“If I could give more than five (5) stars, I would! My experience with Signs for San Diego was nothing less than exceptional from start to finish. As a Project Manager for one of Gable’s largest clients, I expect our vendors to deliver high-quality product and/or services.”

Jessica Wurtzer

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We couldn’t be happier!
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We got both of our restaurant signs from them, and we couldn’t be happier!  They were affordable, had incredible customer service, and the quality of their product matches their customer service!  They even took care of some of our street light issues at no additional charge since they were already on-site with the lift!

They have a new customer for life!

-Brad S

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ADA Evacuation Maps

Evacuation maps are a floor plan showing all the rooms and the connecting hallways.  Most importantly, every evacuation map in unique in the following way. Super imposed on the floor plan is the unique path to the exits. Required for the fire evacuation plan, the fire department and the fire marshal inspects and accepts or rejects your evacuation maps. These are on every floor. Some may have 4 r 5 per floor, others only one per floor

ADA Evacuation Maps

Evacuation Maps go by Other Names

These maps are called out by different names: Evacuation & Emergency Exit Signs, Fire Exit Maps, Emergency Evacuation Signs, Egress Maps, Evacuation Map Signage. There are slight differences with the different terms. The important feature of these maps from the property manager or owner’s point of view is that they pass the Fire Marshall’s inspection

Functional Designs

Evacuation maps are design challenges.  The actual map needs to have a uniform orientation. They have the same map in the same way every time. This part is simple enough but added to this is the unique route to the closest exit.  This is different every time and the star marking “You are here” with the lines showing where the closest exit is, are partly distance controlled and partly logic.  In cases where the elevator and stairwells are in different locations, it can be confusing.


Aesthetic Designs

Because the functional part, the map, dominates the design, the available variables to make it different are problematic.  The shape is nearly always rectangular, the really controllable content are colors and the surrounding small details.


Materials and Techniques

Carlsbad Signs uses a lot of different materials to make evacuation maps. Acrylic – we normally have a second surface print, but back painting, direct prints, and colors are all factors. ACM – the is Aluminum Composite Material.  Basically, an Aluminum sheet with a polyester paint, laminated to a plastic core (High Density Polyethylene “HDPE”). This material is durable and very suitable for the substrate in digital prints. Aluminum-Mostly used for traffic signs, thicker versions can be used with paint and digital print technologies.

ADA Sign Height and Location

Once the building has been surveyed and all the signs are built, mounting them brings a number of challenges. Each Evacuation maps have unique installation locations. The locations are key to getting the Fire Marshall to pass inspection

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