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Wonderful experience!
Shopping Mall Message Center

“If I could give more than five (5) stars, I would! My experience with Signs for San Diego was nothing less than exceptional from start to finish. As a Project Manager for one of Gable’s largest clients, I expect our vendors to deliver high-quality product and/or services.”

Jessica Wurtzer

Sign Types

Client Review

We couldn’t be happier!
Channel letters Being Built

We got both of our restaurant signs from them, and we couldn’t be happier!  They were affordable, had incredible customer service, and the quality of their product matches their customer service!  They even took care of some of our street light issues at no additional charge since they were already on-site with the lift!

They have a new customer for life!

-Brad S

Businesses Served

Subtrates and Materials

Villa Park area Signage


Vista is in north county San Diego and along the 78. It was incorporated in 1963. Vista is fairly large with over 100,000 people living there. The Vista  Business and Industrial areas are home to over 800 companies. Shadowridge is an upscale development at the core of the city. There are revitalization efforts to the old downtown areas with dining, entertainment, shopping, and public amenities. Carlsbad Signs provides signs for the area, At Carlsbad Signs we design, build and install all sorts of signs. Have a project we can help with?  Give is a call!

Carlsbad Signs only does building signs

dramatic channel letters
dramatic channel letters

Carlsbad Signs specializes in larger building signs. We are experts in exterior signs. Channel letters that are the main signs in any retail business, particularly in shopping malls,  Dimensional signs which are the mainstay for business parks, Monument signs that announce all larger buildings, complexes, business parks, shopping centers and government complexes. When you need a professional sign company for the signs on your building, Carlsbad Signs is the best sign company around.

Your Vision Realized

Business Park Monument Sign
Business Park Monument Sign

We work with you taking your unique needs and combining those requirements with our comprehensive design, manufacturing and installation abilities to produce the ideal solution. We are not a broker and do nearly everything is house. When you want a impactful, eye-catching, signage that will improve your cashflow, increase traffic and put you on the map, Carlsbad Signs is the right sign company to call.

Call Carlsbad Signs at 760-730-5118 for a Free Consultation!

Types of building signs

Signs for Technical Businesses
Signs for Technical Businesses

There are a lot of different signs, but the most common are: 

The monument sign. Monuments are always on busy roadways, at corners or entrances. They are the first signage to mark your location. Carlsbad Signs can build you a whole new monument or a panel on an existing monument

The wall sign, this is the sign that is right above your front door. There are generally two types:

Channel Letters:  Channel Letters are the dominate sign type in shopping centers, strip malls, and shopping malls. The also are key for any enterprise operating past dusk on a roadway. They light up and pull traffic through your door

Dimensional Letters: Dimensional Letters and the mainstay for daylight operations. They dominate in business and industrial parks; they are used for professional offices and any daylight operation.

The lobby sign, this is the first sign the customer sees when they walk in. It sets the tone for all the other interactions to come

The ADA compliance Signs. These come in a range of types, but they allow you to comply with the “Americans with Disabilities Act” and are often Braille signs

Many other signs. Carlsbad Signs makes them all. Carlsbad Signs helps you know where the most impactful signs are and where the legal requirements are. Call Carlsbad Signs at 760-730-5118 for a Free Consultation

Illuminated Letters / Channel Letters

Carlsbad Signs makes a Channel Letters. Channel Letters use LEDs as a light source and “channel” that light through the front or face of the letter, or the back of the letter or both directions. Carlsbad Signs we make these and sell them direct and to other sign companies. We have the specialized equipment to make perfect channel letters. We can make a perfect set for you! Channel letters are so key to retail establishments in malls, they are required by the property management. Used in strip malls, inside malls and all retail businesses open after sun set. Channel letters are very effective at bringing customers in.


Channel letters

We give you a huge advantage

Carlsbad Signs gives you a huge advantage. We make channel letters. We have the equipment and experts to push the designs and manufacturing to give you a better fit and a superior sign, Small changes like added a “skirt” or painting bolder colors or hiding a raceway with a wireway or kerning to increase the letter size in the same space all make your sign a more effective business tool.

Carlsbad Signs is available to You for a FREE consultation to show you how to get the most impact from Channel Letters and Illuminated signs. Give us a call and let’s start 760-730-5118


Business park Signs

Carlsbad Signs can rebrand your entire business park or just a part of it. We make monument signs, and tenant panels. These combined with address numbers and wayfinding are the 4 signage components in a business or industrial park.

Carlsbad signs does the big stuff, but we also set you up for success with uniform tenant panels that can be rebranded for individual tenants with a local vinyl shop of your choice. The value of your business park can be dramatically increased with the right sign program.


Business Park Signs

Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional Lettering is the signage of choice for business to business companies, professional practices, government services and other daylight operations.  Carlsbad Signs makes these from Acrylic, Aluminum and dozens of other materials. Any font, any sign.


Dimensional Letters

Monument Signs

There are many types on Monument signs, Foam core monument signs, aluminum monument signs and everything in between. Carlsbad Signs makes them, so we understand all the options. Give us your vision and we can realize it

Monument Signs

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Carlsbad Signs offers the perfect signs for your needs. Let us help you to promote your products, services, and brand. If it a building sign, Carlsbad Signs do it. From channel letters to historic restorations. Our professionals will put together the right sign for any need. We focus on the details and build quality signs that fit your needs. The right company, the right sign.

Free Sign Consultation

Call Carlsbad Signs at 760-730-5118 for a Free Consultation with an Exterior Sign Specialist!


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