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Wonderful experience!
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“If I could give more than five (5) stars, I would! My experience with Signs for San Diego was nothing less than exceptional from start to finish. As a Project Manager for one of Gable’s largest clients, I expect our vendors to deliver high-quality product and/or services.”

Jessica Wurtzer

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We couldn’t be happier!
Channel letters Being Built

We got both of our restaurant signs from them, and we couldn’t be happier!  They were affordable, had incredible customer service, and the quality of their product matches their customer service!  They even took care of some of our street light issues at no additional charge since they were already on-site with the lift!

They have a new customer for life!

-Brad S

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Dimensional Sign Letters

Dimensional letters stand the test of time. Carlsbad Signs makes a lot of these. They are both a sign type and a component in other signs. They are mounted to walls, monument signs, lobby signs, and a lot of other places. Dimensional Letters are great for indoor and outdoor use. Carlsbad Signs can build you anything you like.

Dimensional Letters Gallery

What are Dimensional Sign Letters?

Dimensional sign letters are made of plastic, wood, metal or other material. These are mounted individually to a wall, a monument , indoor or outdoor.  They are small to huge and range in thickness from 1/32” to 6” thick. They can be mounting flush or on stand offs. They are used with other sign type or alone or in any combination.


Routing Dimensional Letters

There are a lot of ways to make a letter. The most common is to route it out. Carlsbad Signs has a number of advanced machines. The CNC Router is one of them. With this machine we can cut out any shape. Want a different Font?  We can do that, want an odd size?  We do that too.  Want an unusual material?  Got that’s as well. We can make the perfect set of dimensional letters for your needs


Sign Letter Materials

Some materials are better than others. Carlsbad Signs knows what materials work, and which don’t.  We know where to make a lighter stronger letter and where to use certain materials that are unique. The answers lay in what you want to do and why. A US Marine Corp sign that sits in the desert on a rifle range has different answers than a corporate office and reception area.  Carlsbad Signs can pick the RIGHT materials for your application.

Acrylic Dimensional Letters

Acrylic Dimensional Letters are very common in many sign applications. It is durable, versatile, can be used with or without paint. It is great for outdoor application until the letters are fairly large when the expansion and contractions during temperature variations causes delamination on concrete and stone. Acrylic is an interesting material. It has a R&D history back into the 1800s and has a number of names. Acrylic or Polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA, is called Plexiglas, Lucite, and Perspex or simply plastic.  Used in World War Two for periscopes and aircraft windshields it reached its peak popularity in the 1970s.  During that time Acrylic came in more the 100 colors and 5 or 6 thicknesses.  Today there about 60 colors.  All but 3 or these colors (clear, white and black) are uncommon in thicknesses other than 1/8”. So now, if you want one of the 60 colors, Carlsbad Signs laminates sheets together to get thickness. We can made letters on 2” to 4 feet. ¼” black is the most common.

Aluminum Dimensional Letters

Aluminum has been known for thousands of years. The problem has been to extract it as a pure metal in a cost effective way. This started happening around the turn of the century. Aviation use is where it really came into common use. It is now used in countless applications.  For signs it comes in different alloys, weldability, and sizes.  We route Aluminum sheets into letters. For the thinner sheets, we use a CNC router, for thicker sheets we use a water jet technique.  These letters are more money than Acrylic, but more durable.  Different finishes are available, but brushed Aluminum and painted finishes are the most common. In both cases these are finished with a clear or colored paint layer to prevent oxidation.

Other Solid Materials for Dimensional Letters

The list is long, but HDU (High Density Urethane) PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), wood, Trex, and other forms of plastic are common. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages. In many cases the expansion and contraction over different temperatures in important. Mismatched materials on a wall in the sun can be a problem.  These materials can warp and delaminate. Knowing what to use when is something Carlsbad Signs will do for you.  Getting the right material in the right place is the key to get a long lasting sign you can be proud of.

Expanded Foam for Dimensional Letters

Foam is a great materials to get thickness. Generally, the lighter the foam, the cheaper it is.  Need a 2” thick letter?  An expanded form material may be the perfect solution.  We use expanded foam materials for exactly this reason – getting a greater thickness and dimensional look at an affordable cost. There are limitations to the ability to get thickness this way.  2” is the normal maximum.  Much thicker foam material letters are very possible, but the weight, durability work against us.  Thicker letters are commonly made out of Aluminum.  Foam has a few problems as well. The biggest issues are Warpage and delamination, strength and durability, UV degradation (sun resistance), and birds.  Birds love certain types of foam.

Paint in Dimensional Letters

Carlsbad Signs build only high quality signs.  We make anything you need and with our paint system, with any materials in any colors. One of the biggest differences is in the paint system. We don’t use the same paints you can buy to paint a house or buy retail.  We use a much better paint system the wears better than automotive paint. This system is formulated by PPG, the same company that makes the paint car manufacturers use. Want the best? Carlsbad Signs has what you need

Carlsbad Signs Dimensional Letters

We make custom dimensional letter signs— from mild to wild. We design, and manufacture inhouse so there are no limitations— We have you covered! Get a free consultation today. Our expert, professional and experienced staff are available to you! Give us a call at (760) 730-5118

Dimensional Letters Gallery


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